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Synthetic resin tile production process, let's star leaders personally lead customers to visit

by:Xingfa      2020-10-19
Recent ping change slope engineering in yunnan region, bedding face accumulates use new roof tile. Local relevant construction engineering staff everywhere for manufacturer for supply of goods, star hair very rongxin met such a strong woman

' A warm welcome to 】 Yunnan area building materials dealers, Ms. Lee on my star hair factory inspection production situation, take the customer's point of view to look at ASA resin tile raw material quality problem comes from the
for six production lines 6 * 24 hours of production, Ms. Li said production is guaranteed, staff proficiency page to ensure that the quality of the quality of type

for star hair price quite satisfied cooperation, select three high praise for customer's feedback. 0 mm high quality resin tile

the tour Ms. Lee said, now only the building materials business is not good customer experience feedback and after-sale service to do work to the business.
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