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Synthetic resin tile prices rise of also can't resist it

by:Xingfa      2020-10-19
In 2016 is nearing an end, synthetic resin tile situation is set in the price of the resin tile manufacturers across the country are under the influence of PVC raw material rising and gains a, see: resin, the unit price will increase correspondingly along with rising raw material. Even so, also can't resist it rise. Caigang watts occupy a larger share in the market before, but with the continuous development of plastic products, the use of caigang watts disadvantages appeared constantly: poor sound insulation effect, easy to rust and corrosion problem of heat conduction, and so on. And synthetic resin tile has light weight, resistance to noise insulation, heat insulation, installation is convenient wait for a characteristic, caigang watt market slowly. On many renovation projects, synthetic resin tile has become a popular trend.

ping change slope engineering became the first battle of the synthetic resin tile covered cities quickly

ping change slope engineering for synthetic resin tile occupied city has laid a solid foundation, with its excellent waterproof impermeability, safe and not fall off, anticorrosive flame retardant, heat preservation and heat insulation, long service life, excellent properties such as fast beat self-cleaning function, won the state vigorously promote the use of ping change slope special title.

the new rural construction, the old room in tile etc made of synthetic resin tile quickly spread to the rural market
along with economic development, China rural areas have occurred earth-shaking changes, the farmers' income increased, life is good, already from the original low damp old house roof renovated for the courtyard villa, roof cover is no longer a heavy clay tile prone to leakage. Environmental protection and energy saving, beautiful appearance, a new type of roofing tile is more popular. Now, the rural everywhere shadow of synthetic resin.

the new urbanization construction is undoubtedly the synthetic resin tile rise of gold position

our prime minister li keqiang pointed out that the urbanization is the only way to modernization, is to break the urban and rural dual structure is important rely on. In the next period, focus on is to solve the existing three 100 million people, about 100 million agricultural transfer of population in cities and towns, promote the transformation of about 100 million people live in shanty towns and villages in cities and towns, lead to about 100 million people in the central and western regions nearby urbanization. New urbanization construction is the economy, the greatest potential for expanding domestic demand, with the support of the three billion, is not is the rise of new building materials of synthetic resin tile of gold positions?
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