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Synthetic resin tile price really associated with color?

by:Xingfa      2020-10-16
Synthetic resin tile beautiful and easy, effective area is big, long service life and so on various aspects of outstanding performance been recognized more and more customers friends. 23 years specializing in synthetic resin tile industry and trade building materials, all for the sake of customers, the synthetic resin tile price associated with the various parameters, resin tile analytical synthetic resin tile the price for you today and the correlation of color! Synthetic resin tile price actually has a certain relationship with color, synthetic resin tile color is rich, general and bordeaux, belong to the conventional color brick red, gray, blue, green is a special color. The other parameters of the same circumstances, the special color of synthetic resin than conventional color of synthetic resin tile price is higher, and the special color of synthetic resin tile must reach a certain area for production, so if your quantity is small, building materials suggest you choose regular color of synthetic resin tile! Building materials of synthetic resin tile anticorrosive weather resistance, rich colors, bright colors, long service life. Synthetic resin tile superior performance, synthetic resin tile, of course, the price will be better than the traditional roofing tile price is high, but we are buying synthetic resin tile not only care about the price, should consider the sustainable development, considering its performance to a higher value!
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