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Synthetic resin tile manufacturers star hair building materials, — Peach blossom ditch travels

by:Xingfa      2020-10-13
This run managed to stabilize the temperature of mountain car type

tired of watching a big circle of rape, cherry blossoms

red peach blossom also appeared in the

as chengdu people enjoy peach will go to longquan ShanTaoHua ditch

as chengdu people old flowers, every spring is the most busy time longquan mountain. Hundreds of thousands of acres of peach blossoms for the first time, an endless stream of tourists but also in all directions.

in accordance with past practice, the peach blossom at least until mid to late march, but because of the high temperature weather this year, longquan blossoming at the foot of the mountain a lot of peach blossom have been blooming, fragrant garden.

greenhouses ornamental peach blossom has entered the early flowering in full bloom, peach blossoms is in large area, see the mountains accumulates blooming cheng jing, star hair building materials colleagues mood is particularly happy; And luo group outdoor sports development activities.

but we also do not forget to care about in the play of customer logistics transportation situation of synthetic resin tile, resolve customer into the resin WaChang visiting thing and orders and advice.

the rural market become synthetic resin tile enterprises compete for fat

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