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Synthetic resin tile manufacturers meet chat antique tiles, the god of the beast

by:Xingfa      2020-10-15
Synthetic resin tile manufacturer to introduce many antique buildings, there are a lot of inscribed with god beast on the roof, these are called shibi, especially many palace, the Forbidden City basic on the roof of the palace each god beast.

synthetic resin tile manufacturers is introduced, the Palace Museum is in front of the hall of supreme harmony on the roof of the beasts' riding beasts fairy, behind of the order of the dragon, phoenix, lions, tianma, hippocampus, lion, and fish, haetae, bullfighting, line. The more the number, revealed that the higher the level of performance. Like the Forbidden City many of the palace, the hall of supreme harmony in the ten, all over the world. The emperor live and handle daily affairs of dry, qing status after the hall of supreme harmony, with nine. Palace of earthly tranquility is the queen's bedroom, with seven. Concubines live things natural, with five. Some of the palace, with three even one.

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