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Synthetic resin tile manufacturers

by:Xingfa      2020-10-17
Synthetic resin tile manufacturers: each resin tile manufacturer's formula is different, have different quality standard.

as ordinary consumers can learn only the appearance, thickness and other basic information. Tile prices in 20 - usually resin 70 yuan/m.
is divided into: PVC + PVC; Abs + PVC old; Abs + PVC raw materials; Asa + PVC old; Asa + PVC raw materials; Old pmma + PVC material; Pmma + PVC raw materials. Etc. There are some other formula system. Specific per square is in accordance with the price of raw material market fluctuations.

in deep water, if you want to buy the right resin. On the one hand, according to the using requirements: such as color, thickness, use fixed number of year, etc. On the one hand, according to economic strength, choose high quality or low quality. In short of resin price not a constant, but the product price is determined by the quality.

usually we recommend the use of ASA + PVC raw material, the thickness of 3 mm, four layers co-extrusion technology, synthetic resin tile width is 880 mm. Resin tile use fixed number of year in 50 years or so, for example, the color can keep the 30 years or so. But the price is relatively high, accord with a standard price in 45 - high-end products 70 yuan a square. End product prices in the 40 - 45. In 25 to low-end products Between 35
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