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Synthetic resin tile main tile laying method Synthetic resin WaChang

by:Xingfa      2020-10-13
Synthetic resin tile during installation shall be carried out according to the steps, although the installation method is simple, but not careless. The synthetic resin tile manufacturers introduce it laid method for us.
  1. First installation is very important, must assure tile bottom line with CC1 vertical not tilt, straighten position, in the center of the bottom purlin and location will be fixed.
  2. To prevent one-way lap tilt and uneven phenomenon, caused by the main tile, on transverse installation according to the arrangement, namely the second tile withhold the first and the third piece of tile, fourth and withhold the third and fifth zhang watts each lap a wave, and the rest by analogy.
  3. The installation process to check tile bottom and vertical construction line at any time, after then fixed installation is complete.
  4. Vertical installation to lap of a long day.
  5. Two slope roofing tile installation shall be carried out on both sides of the synchronous Lord, is to ensure that the ridge tile installation of wave.
  6. Fixed watt-hours will first waterproof circle within the groove positioned below the protection pad, and the self tapping screw through the protection pad center hole, drill with tile surface vertical, tighten elastic watt-hour nail wants moderate, again after the completion of installation waterproof cap.
the laid of synthetic resin tile main tile is very important, we must follow the above mentioned laid method, in order to avoid problems later.
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