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Synthetic resin tile installation, Special modelling

by:Xingfa      2020-10-13
Tiger window installation: installed one, the main tile and roof is consistent, need to install in the tiger window on both sides of the above (sink Can L Angle processing) Arc tent installation: one, two, the first wave and pay-off in coincidence, installed in turn lap top verge: with the main tile synchronization, into the tile below, at the bottom end purlin overlap fixed side verge installation: lap lap on top of the main tile fixed gables flashing: one end fixed on the wall with a nail, and fixed on the tile wave wall plate installation: a, alignment and parallel to the baseline horizontally at the bottom of the two, first install watts and pay-off in parallel, installed in turn three, outside wall plate along the R Angle should be located below the wall panel and roof lap joint processing: one, glue processing two, L fixed on both ends of the Angle, one end fixed on the wall plate fixed at one end in roof tile above installation are provided by the trade and industry resin tile technology, please do not arbitrarily reproduced, infringement will investigate! More resin tile design specifications please click: synthetic resin tile or directly dial sales hotline: 0535 - 3490877
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