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Synthetic resin tile installation considerations

by:Xingfa      2020-10-16
If you are your understand this aspect of the process and process, can install yourself completely, so that we can save a lot of installation. Of course, if you don't, or filled-out third-party companies to deal with it. In the process of synthetic resin tile to installation, we should pay attention to the correct tile laying preferred way. 1, superimposed ( Applicable to ≦ 15 m length of roof) 2, the staggered type ( Apply to 15 m length ≧ roof) 3, also need to pay attention to the time when a nail. (1) special nails must be hit in the middle of the tile bone to have waterproof function (2) special nail fixed interval the relation of 50 cm to 100 cm ( 4 / ㎡) best (3) special nail shall be at the lower end of the tile roof direction is beautiful, to the effect of sealing, neat 4, of course, is to waterproof measures must be considered. First do a V material, can choose different materials and specifications, depending on the actual situation. Do connect to the water after installed at the bottom in the above laying caigang watts. 5, finally is the security problem, important is security. (1) in construction process we will strictly according to the process. (2) take a helmet, wear safety clothing and other necessary facilities. (3) if you are a novice, shall be completed under the guidance of return. Because maybe you know a lot of theoretical knowledge, but in the actual operation is not necessarily can understand. (4) if it is bad, it's not installed, is not only possible security problems, but also to consider installing quality.
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