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Synthetic resin tile: housing level is very important in appearance, about his girlfriend run don't run

by:Xingfa      2020-10-19
Wang, who lives in remote rural areas, home house quite humble, cover the old roof tiles appear more dilapidated old house. Because the house, wang's girlfriend is run. Rectification of the neighbor Li Dama said, now house, changed the synthetic resin roof tile, house also appear spirit, to wang's hand is more people.

last year, wang to work in the city dating for a girlfriend, two person feeling good. To the New Year, wang girlfriend will be back to the countryside, the result just got home, his girlfriend's face big change, had lunch will be leaving. Small asked her why, his girlfriend said your too broke, I live not bottom go to, let's break up. In this way, the marriage is yellow ( No success) .

this year, wang will work to earn money to get the house rectification and changed the synthetic resin roof tile, also painted the door window, the house looks brand-new. Wang pictures will bask in the circle of friends, his former girlfriend also want to come back, but wang I don't like. Wang said: I love and love me for me to work hard, I believe I will find belongs to my happiness.

so, whether to build or rectification house, the decoration of the house more beautiful, more comfortable, it is necessary you live comfortable, look beautiful, so why not?
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