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Synthetic resin tile fade and what about?

by:Xingfa      2020-10-13
In the production process of synthetic resin tile met fade, color differ, the phenomenon such as face creams, to manufacturers the economic and reputation losses caused by the cause of the above phenomenon is as follows: a. Chose not to adapt to the synthetic resin tile with pigments. Such as China blue, Prussian blue blue paint, it will run into cement mortar react, blue will disappear, don't like this kind of alkali or itself is not resistant to bask in the paint, color tile unfavorable choose. b。 Chose the synthetic resin coat does not fit in. Color cement tile surface are spraying a layer of general synthetic resin as the tile surface protective layer, chose inappropriate synthetic resin, such as synthetic resin is not resistant to ultraviolet light, or synthetic resin film, etc all can cause uneven contraction resin membrane crack, yellowing, cause color tile on the vision faded. c。 Frost on the surface of the synthetic resin tile often cause hair flower color tile surface, color is differ. This phenomenon is due to the presence of ca2 down in the cement mortar wool stoma to evaporate into the tile surface, calcium hydroxide carbon dioxide in the air, and generates the white calcium carbonate, moisture volatilizes, white calcium carbonate deposits on the surface color tile, we called the whiskering phenomenon. , in production, we can control the water cement ratio or add some material to reduce whiskering. Appear afore-mentioned whiskering, different colour can correct the defective goods? A color tile on the domestic market at present with seal coating repair the defective tiles can be shaded.
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