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Synthetic resin tile enterprises should avoid low price battle with quality and service to win customers

by:Xingfa      2020-10-19
Another annuity nine silver ten arrival, synthetic resin tile industry also ushered in a new round of war, as the market is not standard, many emerging small producers to squeeze into the market, began to bait at a low price on sale euphemistically called value low resin tile, actually, hurt is always the customer and the whole industry. The cost of every item, has it at the very least, low price is beyond the cost of it, try to ask the product quality and guarantee? So, consumer is in when synthetic resin tile of choose and buy, not only attracted by low price and give up the quality.

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in July, southwestern ordos city, Inner Mongolia autonomous region this fake red card in the synthetic resin tile sensation, hubei QianQi public security bureau has received the villagers Yang, name of cao alarm, said his red card at the top resin tile distribution salesroom purchased a batch of resin tile appear serious quality problem, and the salesroom is close, the shopkeeper shu a unaccounted for. So, the villagers call very want to cry! Hubei QianQi villagers were reported to the public security bureau, through more than a month investigation, captured sales and inferior synthetic resin tile related criminal suspect, for the villagers to economic losses of more than 100 ten thousand yuan. Source: today's headlines 2016/9/21 also

these inferior low-cost synthetic resin tile, dare not flatter really, completed before long, serious deformation, fade. When buying a tile, the villagers thought: pick up a bargain. Because generally look from the exterior, is can't see inferior resin tile and difference of resin with high quality, how to identify the advantages and disadvantages of resin tile, you can see this inferior resin tile 3 - 5 years fade cracking leakage, how to choose and synthetic resin tile? Have to detail the method of differential resin tile is good or bad.

top red card like this can be a single is a single without a sense of responsibility are merchants of pests is the whole industry, low price is not a way out, only stick to quality, perfect service, can be long-term development continuously. Synthetic resin tile manufacturers star hair building materials based on the resin tile industry for six years, is in the southwest of founding brand, we as a responsible enterprise, is not involved in vicious competition, not no quality assurance products, steady and healthy development of the proactive maintenance industry.
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