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Synthetic resin tile distribution wholesalers: chengdu dayi don always

by:Xingfa      2020-10-18
Synthetic resin tile wholesaler dayi county, tang total:

I am a building materials wholesale, mainly engaged in door, window, ceramic tile, and some other materials. In July last year, stars send building materials xiao yu when run the market, all of a sudden visit to introduce resin. After negotiate with xiao yu's interested in tile star hair building materials of the resin. Because they also sell building materials in this area, so I want to sell together, let the customers one-stop shopping. In October last year I decided to try to use the star hair building materials of the resin, ordered 2000 m as the first attempt. Three days later xiao yu personally delivery outlets, at the time of acceptance I'm very pleased with their resin tile feel, bright color, good toughness, high quality. We have now rectified the cooperation, whether it's dozens or hundreds of thousands of metres list directly to them, and help me with good length, and then shipped. That saves time and save the cost for the customer. Are strictly controlled, each time I order more when the car sent directly, also help me less free to the logistics company, let I save a lot of heart. Star hair building materials is a very good supplier, trustworthy, later I will continue to support. 。 。 。 。 。 。
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