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Synthetic resin tile construction square has done

by:Xingfa      2020-10-14
Synthetic resin tile green is through building the full life cycle of large resource conservation, and the natural harmonious coexistence, including saving energy, land, water saving, material saving, quarter, 'five environmental protection' to protect the environment.

in order to meet the demand of urbanization and urban development to provide energy, reduce environmental load and product performance of building materials and series products. Increase the proportion of using green building materials and products in construction, promote the construction waste recycling is particularly important, research, development and application of environmentally friendly building material with the series of products is of great significance. After intelligent residential, green residential real estate businesses selling point, is become in recent years the rise of a new living concept.

but in the face of the green building development tide, the change is not only face real estate comprehensive transformation, green building materials and green technologies in the popularization and application in construction will be the focal point of the construction industry.

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