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Synthetic resin tile color beauty is poisonous?

by:Xingfa      2020-10-13
Synthetic resin tile chooses high weatherability engineering resin as the appearance of material, the durability of the extraordinary in the nature, is a modern residential homes, villas, antique building, generally choose in the new rural construction. Synthetic resin tile in residence is one of the popular features of its colour is beautiful, and durable do not fade, there are also some people for synthetic resin tile color skeptical, think is beautiful color won't be durable or synthetic resin tile manufacturers in the appearance of added chemical sprays, will form the harm to the body and the environment.
synthetic resin tile color beautiful doesn't mean its toxic, only a manifestation of advanced technology. Synthetic resin tile commonly used color is usually the Chinese archaize of red, grey, blue, etc. , of course, also can produce according to customer demand for customized, star hair synthetic resin tile color depends on durable synthetic resin tile resin ASA material appearance of high weather resistance engineering, the ASA material of the composite made of synthetic resin products, long time exposure to ultraviolet light, moisture, high and low temperature conditions, can still insist on the color stability, according to the United States of Arizona and Florida sun shone fierce regional field using results confirmed that can guarantee 10 years delta E≤ 5, useful processing now fade aging question of most roof tile, roofing tile to extend the using life.
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