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Synthetic resin tile application scenario

by:Xingfa      2020-10-13
Synthetic resin tile application scenario. Cheek by jowl environmental protection building materials industry is now resin tile, tile quality products because resin characteristics favored by the large number of customers, lead to now resin industry competition has intensified and next by resin tile manufacturer to introduce you to what are suitable for resin tile roof?

a, high-grade roof

resin tile durable, even if the long-term exposure to the outdoor environment, still can maintain the stability of the surface color. Resin tile surface density, smooth and can produce the 'lotus effect', is not easy to absorb dust, with self-cleaning performance, rainy days can be cleaned, without overhaul maintenance during use, very suitable for high-grade roof.

2, ping change slope engineering

ping changed slope 'project to improve the top of the old house heat preservation and heat insulation and waterproof function. After the completion of people living on the top floor the can obviously feel the benefits of ping change slope, rainy days also don't need to worry about roof leakage. The service life of the general building roof waterproof according to different level of waterproof in 10 to 20 years, 'ping changed slope' life of the roof for more than 30 years.

3, villa

the villa is also very suitable resin tile. Resin tile before installation, roofing structure layer, waterproof, thermal insulation layer has been finished, and through the acceptance. After laying synthetic resin tile construction, should be timely maintenance, the maintenance time shall not be less than 14 days, and it is strictly prohibited in the above drawing, weight, installation in 2 m on foot before test flatness, allow the leveling layer surface roughness deviation is 5 mm.

synthetic resin tile, of course, not just confined to the above three, more applications waiting for you and I together hand in hand to mining, create brilliant history of resin.
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