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Synthetic resin tile and wood, wooden home stay facility built rural characteristics

by:Xingfa      2020-10-19
Home is the new trend of development of the rural tourism, hut is a kind of main structures in the construction of home stay facility. Wooden house, not only can shock, and comfortable living, can maintain indoor dry humidity balance, good health. And synthetic resin tile roof tie-in bring out the best in each other, have the characteristic.

timberwork building seismic performance stronger
we collected from earthquake data feedback from all over the world, the survival of housing for the most part of wooden houses. Pure wooden wooden house, built with unique wooden grooves, structural stability, excellent toughness, higher overall seismic performance.

log cabin can build a more livable temperature humidity
wood is a kind of porous material, small coefficient of thermal conductivity, is a poor conductor of heat. Temperature can play a regulatory role of the bedroom, in the cold winter can bring warmth to people, this is unmatched by other construction materials.

and choosing synthetic resin as the roof waterproof material, not only considering the synthetic resin tile waterproof performance is strong, can better protect the wooden structure from the rain; Just like the wind, the seismic performance of seismic performance and the cabin; Adornment sex good, color is rich, can make wooden unique beautiful beautiful scenery line. As a result, more and more scenic buildings, houses, villas, home stay, synthetic resin tile for roofing waterproof material.
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