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Synthetic resin tile and glazed tile which good? The difference between resin tile and glazed tile

by:Xingfa      2020-10-19
On the market a variety of roofing Havana, such as ox hair, such as the current most used synthetic resin tile and glazed tile, they which good? Why is it called synthetic resin tile resin glass tiles? How to distinguish between them? A tile suitable for home use? Many people become tangled a problem. Star hair building materials below small make up for everyone to do a comprehensive comparison and analysis.

1. Synthetic resin tile and glazed tile price comparison
glazed tile: as you all know, glazed tile is a small piece of a small piece of splicing paste together, lap 1 square meter about 33 pieces glazed tile, glazed tile market price each 2 & ndash; 2. 5 yuan, we be $2, is about 66 yuan/square meter. Have to use 1 per square metre roughly. 5 yuan of wood, 6 yuan felt paper, 2 yuan of cement mortar, a total of about 75 per square meter. At most per person a day at 5 yuan, laid laid 15 square meters, the artificial cost 200 yuan/day, if 300 square meter area is one of the workers need to install 20 days to complete. Glazed tile sheet area is small, lap is much also, lap more leakage probability is high.

: synthetic resin tile market for 42 yuan/square meters, per square meter with matching waterproof screw 4, 4 yuan, the total price is 46 yuan. Additional collocation is ridge tile, oblique ridge tile, hanging eaves, etc as main tile your price, we can according to the main tile price to calculate. Laying per person per day at least laid 100 square meters, artificial cost 200 yuan/day, in the area of 300 square meters, a worker weave need 3 days to installation is complete.

synthetic resin tile each tile plate width of 0. 8 m or 1. 5 meters, unlimited length, according to the size of the need to arbitrary cut, a piece of tiles can cover a few square meters, the installation is fairly simple and rapid, save time save labor.

although looked from the unit price, synthetic resin tile price glazed tile is expensive, but taken together, the total price of synthetic resin rather than glass tiles are cheaper. Do not believe, you can see yourself.

2. Synthetic resin tile and glazed tile composition contrast
glazed tile belongs to the Chinese traditional building materials, clay through high temperature fire and become, the surface coated with shining glaze layer, color variety. Clay tile material has a failing, is fragile, easy to crack, use of land resources, recycling, after years of construction waste. Glazed tile is higher, its weight after water absorption is higher, virtually increased beams bearing pressure, etc.

synthetic resin tile is made of high weather resistance ASA resin toughness skeleton and high wear-resisting layer, through the use of advanced three-tier co-extrusion technology to suppress. The ASA resin has super weather resistance, chemical corrosion, heat insulation, stable color, color is rich, to ensure that ten years do not fade, and light gloss distinct characteristics. Resin tile dense qualitative light, not bibulous, does not increase the beams bearing.

3。 Synthetic resin tile and glazed tile feature comparison
glazed tile has high strength, good flatness, bibulous rate is low, bending, antifreeze, and other significant characteristics of acid, alkali resistant, not easy to fade. Glazed tile depend mainly on the surface of glaze layer to have the effect of waterproof impermeability, after the glaze layer peeling or crack, water seepage, repair has become a big problem, because the glass tiles is a piece of a small piece together, there is a crack, then put the whole lift, overhaul maintenance headaches. In addition, glazed tile is bonding together, after the rains washed out all the year round, easy to fall off, are often the major news glazed tile off injury events such as car.

synthetic resin tile has light weight, great strength, waterproof, anti-corrosion insulation flame retardant, heat insulation, long service life and other excellent features, environmental protection, energy saving products can also be recycled. USES the form a complete set of waterproof board, the nail fixed watts does not fall off. Wind seismic effect is good, even if the sleet, it is hard to resin is broken. Heat bilges cold shrink will not make the tiles have any cracks. This is the country vigorously advocate and promote a new type of environmental protection and energy saving building materials.

4。 The service life of the synthetic resin tile and glazed tile contrast
glazed tile use of 4 - general Five years has been prone to skin phenomena ( Is the surface of glaze layer crack) , will lead to leak, if not critical skin problems, also can use 20 years or so.

synthetic resin tile used in a natural environment can be up to 30 years or so, in the acid and alkali heavy plant or more areas of acid rain, will scale back some service life. The point is, without overhaul maintenance during use, very convenient.

why is it called synthetic resin tile resin glass tiles?
the appearance of the synthetic resin tile is antique imitation of glazed tile design, inherited the characteristics of the glazed tile color is rich, beautiful modelling, but material is totally different with glazed tile, resin tile belongs to polymer, far beyond the glazed tile on the function, and makes up for the glazed tile defects such as fragile, broken, easy to fall off. They have the same properties in appearance, on the function is different, so people give resin glazed tile an image name resin.

the above is the contrast of synthetic resin tile and glazed tile, hope can provide reference when selecting roof tile for you and help. If still need other tile materials such as: the contrast of caigang watts, glass fiber and other information, welcome to continue to focus on us, we will offer you follow-up, also may at any time consulting: 13348825100
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