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synthetic fiber hair extensions create choice hair styles for hair loss and fashion clients

by:Xingfa      2019-10-29
From the beginning, women care about their hair.
As the most popular 2005 of 4000-300 B. C.
Egyptian women, even men, wear a variety of wigs and delicate hairstyles.
Hair is an important factor in confidence and tranquility.
Our culture connects femininity to thick, shiny hair.
Full, shiny hair is synonymous with female attributes, sex, desire and vitality.
Thin, dry and lustrous hair is associated with disease, old age and poverty.
Each generation has gone through more and more shifts and made the most of the current trends in hair styles.
Today, this trend of big hair is in full swing in Europe, and it is just beginning to become popular in the United States.
This is the trend of hair extension.
Hair extensions include attaching human or synthetic hair to existing hair to create a fuller or longer look immediately.
Hair extensions can increase your body size, length, and can also help with thinning and hair loss.
There are many different ways to send extensions on the market today, some are good and some are not.
Mark Sharp, co-
Co-founder and creative director of Mark Glen UK London and Glen Kinsey hair enhancement
The founder and general manager has taken revolutionary steps in developing a fiber hair extension approach that will not only not damage existing hair, but can even improve the condition of the hair.
They changed the lives of women who suffered varying degrees of hair loss due to hair loss, hair loss, genetic factors, stress and postpartum diseases
Surgical Trauma
Mark Glenn extensions is commonly referred to as MG extensions and does not use glue, glue solution, thread, weave, inject, and nothing sticks to the head.
They are connected with very thin braids.
A small part of the existing hair is divided into two parts.
The fiber hair is also divided into two parts to knit, and finally wrapped at the bottom of the hair to protect it.
Then, use the thermal tool to \"seal\" the fiber (
This is not hotter than a typical pair of curlers or curlers).
This creates a small plastic seal.
It is important to note that in the process your own hair is safely \"wrapped\" inside the fiber so that it does not come in direct contact with any heat.
So keep your own hair in perfect condition.
For hair loss or sparse problems, extended applications in non-
Allergic mesh and fiber hair are woven through a mesh to create a look.
Glen Kinsey from Mark Glen hair enhancement today had a short Q & A with us on their fiber hair extension.
Welcome Glen, thank you for joining us today!
We have a few questions for you about your wonderful hair extension.
Q: As far as I know, you and Mark have had human hair extensions before.
Why are you changing synthetic fibers?
A: several reasons: 1. Weight -
Human hair is twice the weight of fiber, so it feels \"heavy\" on the head\"
The worst case scenario is that increased weight and stress in the hair can lead to \"traction hair loss \".
In addition, human hair is porous
It absorbs water.
It can increase the weight significantly when wet. 2. Tangle -
Human hair tends to be \"Matt\" and \"Tangled \"--
This is because there is almost no \"thorn\" on the surface of human hair, and it looks like a roof tile under a microscope.
Because this \"alien\" hair is not regulated by natural oil, these \"thorns\" tend to \"stretch out\" and entangle with other hairs on your head.
So in order to keep your hair in good shape, you do need to use a very dense conditioner.
However, the surface of the fiber is smooth and therefore not easy to wrap around. 3. Glue -
Human hair extensions are usually applied with glue and removed with acetone
Damage recipes we often see in our studio.
Our method does not use any chemicals. 4. Colour match -
Stylists using human hair usually send samples of the customer\'s hair to the human hair supplier and then select the closest color from a specific range.
We actually color
Mix our hair with the customer in front of us
Considering all the different subtle shadow changes that may exist in their hair
A perfect match. Ethics -
There are many mysteries about the origin of human hair used in the extension, and it is difficult to track the exact source.
For example, a common source of high-quality hair is female Russian prisoners.
Look and feel -
The fibers look and feel like real hair, but are more friendly and easier to shape and care.
Question: How many of your customers get hair extensions because of hair loss problems compared to fashion?
A: splitting is about 50/50 questions: you have developed your own brand approach (MG extensions)
For application of fiber expansion.
What is unique about your approach compared to other available methods?
Are you going to apply for a patent for your application method?
A: We have a special technology for female hair loss, and customers will come to see us from all over the world.
For the sake of fashion, we combine several different approaches and add our own unique adaptability to create a technology that creates a beautiful look: Why do you feel that fiber extensions are better than human hair
If the customer really likes human hair, can you apply human hair extensions using your method?
A: See the picture above.
In addition to using pliers and metal clips (
This is very interesting through the airport metal detector and very uncomfortable when you put your head on the pillow! )
Applying hair with glue is the only way.
Question: what training and education do stylists involve in MG extensions?
Answer: We work in a team of two.
\"Leadership\" and \"assistance \".
The team members were initially \"assisted\" and then advanced to \"leading\" after about 12 to 24 months \".
\"Clues\" are clues to guide the work.
Our training is very intensive, \"on-the-job\", allowing team members to experience a confusing variety of styles and techniques, as well as the different types of hair loss they may encounter.
Question: What are the legal requirements for hair extensions in the UK?
A: Sadly, there is no specific legal requirement except for the hair salon of the ordinary hair salon.
Question: What is the minimum requirement for people who want to extend their hair?
Length of hair?
Stable hair loss?
Did you reject the client\'s hair extension? Why?
A: If we think customers don\'t want their hair extended, we often refuse them, no matter how much they want it extended.
The main reason for fashion work is the length of existing hair
For the best results, the customer\'s hair needs to be at least 4 to 6 inch long.
This is because you need the existing hair to hide the position of the extension.
For customers with hair loss, there may be a range of reasons, from the fact that there are too few existing hair to the absence of \"stable\" hair loss.
Question: There are some hair extensions that do not recommend fiber extensions for aesthetic reasons.
Can you describe the quality of the fiber hair, where it was made, and why these suggestions are not valid?
A: We only use a beautiful hand.
Fibers that are absolutely impossible to detect from real things in appearance, feeling and behavior.
Actually more expensive than some people\'s hair!
Cheap fiber is really bad, like \"Barbie\"doll\" hair.
You only find bad extensions.
We are proud of the fact that, in general, no.
There is even a suspicion that our clients have extensions, we have a large number of celebrity clients, and in some cases, even the media have not found out that their hair is not their own!
Question: You mentioned on your website http: the fiber extension does not damage your hair and can even improve your hair condition.
Can you explain how they can improve your hair condition?
First of all, we do not use any chemicals.
Secondly, your own hair is \"cocooned\", protected in the extension and continues to grow normally.
Third, when the extension is removed, they slide off your hair without leaving any confusion or residue.
Because your hair has been protected this way for months, your own hair condition is often improved.
Question: What is the maintenance schedule for fashion and hair loss fiber extension products?
What happens if you don\'t follow the maintenance schedule?
A: For fashion, you need to remove the extension after three months, or remove and replace the extension.
Initially, these extensions are attached to the bottom of your hair.
However, your hair will grow about half an inch a month, so that your hair will start to grow.
If you leave for more than 3 months, the newly grown hair may start to get dim and tangled, and the worst of all --
The fearless situation.
For hair loss, the special technology we use requires customers to visit us every six weeks for similar reasons --
If the \"grid\" leaves for more than 6 weeks, it will start to feel a little loose.
Question: If someone has a thick hair and just wants to lengthen it, why don\'t you apply the extension to the end of the hair, not the root?
Answer: because you will see a \"bump\" of an additional extension \".
Question: can you treat fiber extensions like you do with your own hair? I. E.
Shampoo, conditioning, curling, brushing, etcAnswer: Yes-
Wash normally, blow dry, curl, state, brush-
Like it\'s true.
Because fiber is actually no.
You don\'t need to use expensive products on your hair, E. G. g.
Conditioner because they have no effect on the extended hair itself.
The only thing you need to avoid is direct, continuous heat. g. hot-
Iron straightener, etc. Rollers etc. are fine.
Q: Is there any restriction?
Can you color or perm the fiber extension?
A: You can\'t perm the extension, but you don\'t need it.
For example, you can use the roller to achieve the same look and feel.
The color has no effect on the extended hair as it is notporous.
This is great for customers who continue to do the \"root\" because they know that the color does not affect the extended hair.
Question: Every year, how much does a typical customer pay for fashion and hair loss fiber extensions, including maintenance schedules?
Is most of the cost related to material costs or labor costs?
A: The cost of different heads and styles is really different.
Because we have two people working on the customer\'s head at the same time, the cost depends mainly on the time of each specific customer.
Fashion customers pay an average of around £ 1,500.
00 a year and a hair loss customer, about twice.
Please keep in mind that you do not need to go to the barber shop as we will deal with all of this on a date.
Question: your hair loss fiber extension is eligible for funding from the UK medical program.
Do you have to go through the certification process for this funding?
Have your clients outside the UK received payments from their national medical plan?
A: Because of the way the UK health system works (
Is funded by the government)
This depends to a large extent on the attitude of the local health authorities rather than the specific \"tests \".
Some health authorities are happy to fund patients, while others are reluctant to provide cheaper wigs.
We don\'t have a single person from outside the UK who has been funded by health programs, etc.
Question: Do you plan to provide training for stylists outside your salon so that other salons in the world can offer MG extensions?
A: Not yet, although this is something we may consider in the future.
Question: would you recommend a reputable salon in the US?
A: Since most of our technology is in-
The house, therefore unique to us, you are unlikely to find anyone in the local area who does things the same way.
At the moment, we have customers visiting us from 14 different countries, which seems to confirm this.
I would very much like to be able to recommend someone else, but we haven\'t met anyone who provides similar standard results yet. Thank you very much for Glen\'s valuable comments! !
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