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Strong capacity, environmental protection, make resin tile the boom

by:Xingfa      2020-10-16
Since this year, the industry boom of products bright blind armies of reader's eyes. From steel to coal, from chemical products to home appliance, from paper to color, from engineering machinery to the vitamin, this round of price boom of industrial products is covered all aspects of the industry. In domestic entity economy overall grade, why so many industrial products prices go up and up, the price of the style and where is it? First, go to capacity. Typical case is the steel and coal. In recent years, steel and coal industry to work capacity has been the two industry priority. Figures show that as of the end of may this year, the national has reduce crude steel production capacity of 42. 39 million tons, 84 annual target task. 8% from the coal production capacity 97 million tons, 65% annual target task. Such large-scale iron and steel and coal to capacity, will naturally make the price of steel and coal against the backdrop of falling more than in previous years Yin rebound, like stock market, supply less, much lower, will rebound. Second, strong environmental protection. In recent years, with 'green water castle peak is the jinshan yinshan' gradually formed the consensus of people, countries to protect natural environment, the growing strength of article 10 of 'water', 'soil ten' enacted one after another, and criminal penalties for violation of environmental laws and regulations. Under the strong pressure on environmental regulation, because a lot of small and medium-sized enterprises of the chemical industry's threshold can meet the environmental protection product, was forced to quit producing areas, making these industry products production to large enterprises, because only large companies can undertake production of environmental costs, these environmental costs will eventually show up in the product price, which on the one hand, the most typical case is the graphene, paper and fluorine chemical industry. Nationwide environmental protection supervision continues, many resin tile manufacturer also is in a state of closure of rectification, and affected by the economic downturn environment, household building materials industry 'the price of raw materials, transportation costs, labor costs' and a series of rising costs, 'boom' followed. As is known to all, resin tile product cost is determined by the price of raw materials, PVC raw material prices, cost pressures will inevitably brings to the resin tile industry. Under pressure in many ways, we are testing the resin, the internal force of the enterprise, resin tile enterprises to grasp the production of environmental protection, on the other hand, to do market positioning of their products, resin tile market shift, grasp consumer demand characteristic, controls the good product quality, enhance service awareness, to promote the steady development of enterprises.
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