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The roof above your head is most likely the most expensive part of your home.
But if you are like most homeowners, you may have little thought about the composition, age of the roof or the likely remaining useful life.
When the time is right,-
Because it will-
To choose a new roof, you need to educate yourself about the relative cost, aesthetics and durability of the various roof materials.
After all, the wooden tile, shake or tile you choose can easily represent 40% to 50%--
Even up to 60%--
Total cost recalculated
Roof over the house
The most popular choice of roofing materials in the Los Angeles area is fiberglass composite wood tiles and concrete tiles.
\"Fiberglass tile is the most economical choice and is very durable.
Today they are made into many different colors and are thicker than a few years ago, so they are more beautiful than thin or paper [shingles]
\"Most people think of them as,\" said John Messi of Los Angeles County security roofing.
In Mount Agura
The next to the popularity chart is a slightly more expensive synthetic or simulated shaking tile, which is similar to the traditional wooden shaking roof now banned in most areas, as this is an unacceptable fire risk.
Synthetic milkshake is a quality
\"Roof products are more durable than cement bricks,\" says Massey.
The other option is metal (e. g.
Steel, aluminum or copper)
Roof Products, which are very durable, are usually installed on commercial buildings.
Metal roof light weight, high-
The area of the wind, but many people do not feel that the single wind is beautiful.
A family home unless it has a very modern building.
Metal roofs are more expensive than other options.
Robert McKenzie said: \"If a combined roof costs $10,000 and a metal roof costs $18,000, I will tell you to spend $10,000 and put $8,000 in your pocket, \"Sales Manager for urban roofs in Culver, Los Angeles.
A good resource for consumer information about roofing products is the showroom or shop of the local roofing supplier, where roofing materials are sold to contractors.
These suppliers can give you samples of your products, updates to the latest colors and designs, and the manufacturer\'s product literature, which should include a fire rating.
Before you determine your new roof, go to the contractor\'s supplier to see what is available.
The life expectancy of roof materials ranges from ten years to a century, depending on the type of material, the slope of the roof, the extremes of hot and cold weather in the area, and other factors.
The manufacturer usually describes the roof product as \"20-year,\" \"25-year,\" \"30-year\" or \"40-
\", Which means that the product has a manufacturer\'s warranty of 20 years, 25 years, 30 years or 40 years.
Unfortunately, these terms are almost meaningless because there is no standard specification for the manufacturer\'s use of them.
It is reasonable to conclude that \"40-
Products from a given manufacturer will be more than \"25-
\"Year\" products from the same company, all other products are equal, but other than that, these productsmany-
The year name is not that helpful.
Manufacturers are stopping this. called 20-
For example, because there are some years like this --called 20-
According to McKennon, the product installed years ago will not last that long.
Most of the warranty on roof materials is mainly to protect the manufacturer from the risk of product liability.
The manufacturer\'s warranty \"generally says that [the material] still existsnumber of]
It is said to last for several years.
This does not mean [the roof]
Will not leak or fail, it just means [the material]
It will still be there unless you get angry and tear it off.
Johnny zamzla, president of Western Pacific Roofing, said: \"What they really do is to reduce the responsibility of manufacturers . \"in Lancaster.
Incorrect material installation will result in the manufacturer\'s warranty being invalid.
What is more valuable than the manufacturer\'s warranty on roof products is the contractor\'s warranty on the installation of roof workmanship.
Dave Stefko, senior vice president of roof at Van Nuys Eberhard, said: \"I will not base my choice of residential sloping roof on the manufacturer\'s product guarantee . \".
\"I would choose a product that looks good on my house, suitable for my neighbors, which I like and within my price range.
I will then choose a quality contractor to install it and I will pay attention to the contractor\'s guarantee. \"An often-
The factor that is overlooked when choosing roof materials is the weight of the material.
The heavier roofing material is harder to install, which increases the labor cost and the lighter roofing product is--
At least in theory-
In the earthquake, it is safer for families and occupants.
Although the whole roof is unlikely to collapse unless the house is located in the epicenter of the main rocking bed, if the roof of the house is heavier, the structural damage to the House may be greater.
\"This is a clear understanding when people think [
Equivalent to]
Park 15 or 16 cars on the roof.
That\'s why people began to explore lighters.
The choice of weight, \"said Messi.
Another most important consideration is the fire of roof materials. hazard rating.
Almost all the widely used roofing materials on the market today are first classA fire-rated.
In general, you should be able to rely on saying-
As far as fire safety is concerned, so is your roof contractor;
However, calling the local construction department is very good for your peace of mind.
Your contract with the roof company should state the specific type of roof material being installed and the material is first classA fire-rated.
One exception: class-B fire-
The rated material can be used for almost unsloping or flat roofs, perhaps outside of the House, separate garage, patio or other type of annex building.
Most metal roofs are top notchA fire-
Rating, but some are-
Because they pass on the heat to the rest of the family.
If your home is high, wind lift is worth considering
In the wind area, the \"wind rating\" of various roof materials is also worth considering.
According to McKennon, some of the newer wooden tiles have a more favorable wind lift rating due to the wider DingTalk mode, indicating that the installers are sticking the DingTalk to the home.
The wider DingTalk mode allows for fewer errors, making the installation of the wooden tiles safer in strong winds.
Heavier roof materials are the main reason why the practice of installing multiple new roofs on existing roofs is no longer common.
Many Los Angeles
The district community still allows a roof to be installed on another roof, except that the non-first roof is a wooden tile or wood shake, in which case it is usually necessary to be removed.
Some contractors are even against the wisdom of a \"roof\"over. \" \"The [old]
Because [the roof should be removed]without it]
Better ventilation ,[new]
The roof will perform better, more flat and look better.
Brad coin, president of Culver City roof, said: \"Wearing a new roof adds a considerable amount of weight . \".
Adding a third roof is definitely an adventure proposal and a special exemption from city inspectors is usually required.
The question is the extra weight, whether the old roof pattern will be displayed through the new roof, and whether the roof can be connected to the home with enough firmness.
More personal factors for choosing roofing materials are cost and aesthetics.
If you want to move within a few years, you may not want to incur the cost of an expensive roof.
On the other hand, if you intend to pass your home to your great --
You may see a top-notch grandson or aim to increase the resale value of your housequality long-
The roof is durable as a solid investment.
Aesthetics is naturally in the eyes of homeowners.
However, you should consider the style and appearance of the roof of the neighbor\'s house.
\"If your home is in a large house and all the houses have combined wooden tiles, you really need to think twice before you go --red tile roof [
Your own home]Stefko warned.
Putting expensive luxury goods here may not be a sensible resale strategy.
Medium-sized line tiles or slate roofs-
Home of medium value
Prices are nearby.
The goal is to adapt your home to the surrounding community.
A building permit is a must, regardless of the roof product of your choice, do not ignore the advantages of ensuring that your roof contractor is granted a city building permitroofing job.
Marginal additional costs are well worth the protection provided by having a license. \"[A permit]
To make the legality of the transaction more complete, as this means that the contractor must prove to the city that he [
Meet certain requirements.
This is a small sum of money compared [the total cost]
The work, \"said Zamrzla.
Requirements vary from city to city, but issues such as workers\' compensation insurance, contractor\'s permit validity period, details of roof work itself are often part of the process.
Zamrzla added that obtaining a permit also proves the contractor\'s intention to carry out the work in accordance with local building regulations.
Other roofing contractors agreed that it would be wise to obtain a permit.
\"Once the inspector pulls the permit and checks it, the homeowner is fine --
\"Make sure that the roof system that is being installed meets the requirements of the city,\" McKennon said . \".
Be sure to keep a copy of the license in your other house ownership records. (
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There are two main types of asphalt wooden tiles for comparing roof materials: organic base and fiberglass base.
About $40 to $50 per square (
100 square feet roof area)for standard-
Upscale wooden tile, $50 to $80 per square metergrade.
The wooden tile is usually sawn, with a smooth appearance and finished product.
Milkshakes are usually separated first and then sawed into cones on the back.
Because they are separated, the texture of the face is very rough.
The wooden roof costs about $60 to $100 per square meter.
TileTile roofs made of clay and concrete are about $50 to $90 per square meter.
It is heavy and your roof frame must be strong enough to support its weight.
The price of the slats per square is from $275 to $370.
It also needs a strong framework.
$50 to $200 per square meter.
Source: Los Angeles freelance journalist Marcie Geffner is a popular mechanic.
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