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Star hair synthetic resin tile will enter the foreign trade market

by:Xingfa      2020-10-19
As the area all the way of development, delivery of products is also more and more Chinese to foreign markets, it also stimulates the inland cities of China, chengdu by the end of 2018, chengdu will be fully completed railway container terminal, warehousing distribution center, intelligent highway port, trade, environment, etc. As a new environmental protection building materials resin tile manufacturers, chengdu star hair building materials focus on the international development trend, will also enter the foreign trade market.

synthetic resin tile as the advantage of export products
as a new environmental protection energy conservation and roofing tile, rapid development in Africa or the Middle East countries demand is very big, like Vietnam, industrial foundation weak, the weak domestic enterprises investment funds, backward production technology, new product research and development ability is insufficient, price competitiveness is weak, therefore, our advantage is obvious.

Vietnam Vietnam building materials market of building materials household industry economic growth rate - 17% a year 25%, according to the report and the Vietnamese ministry of statistics - 2016 Investment in 1040-2020 A $109. 5 billion investment in infrastructure. Household building materials industry development potential is huge, so far, Vietnam building materials decoration supplies mostly dependent on imports.

two larger building materials exhibition, Vietnam is the fastest way to building materials market in Vietnam!

( 1) Vietnam (2017 Hanoi) International building materials exhibition, 2017. 3. 15 - 19.

( 2) Vietnam (2017 Ho chi minh) International building materials exhibition, 2017. 9. 27 - 10. 1;

is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people environmental protection consciousness, reflect on the building materials market, expressed as the product of energy saving, high demands on no polluting human health and the environment. At the same time, more emphasis on some building materials products to save natural resources, renewable and recycled, synthetic resin tile has these advantages, and the natural weathering resistance, strong corrosion resistance, and long life, don't fall, not cracked, has the very good fireproof performance, durable. At present, the export of building materials product still is the raw material, low value and labor intensive housing decoration material is given priority to, exports to keep growing, mainly by price advantage.

to avoid the problems in the process of synthetic resin tile export
the main problems and quality is not stable, some products such as hand tools, home appliances and electrical equipment in the faucet and so on, from the appearance style of similar products with other countries and regions, but in terms of quality are comparatively large difference, main is not durable. Reflect on the supply mode of opinion is, to the relevant domestic production enterprises of small and medium-sized importers buy products, due to the small order rejected by domestic suppliers. Some domestic manufacturers for importers because of the quality of the product does not conform to the provisions of the contract or because of product damage caused by the packing problems lead to transit to return or compensation did not cause enough attention, the importers to trade once or twice and then turned to other import channels, also known as a one-time deal. To minimize product cost, almost all the foreign building materials dealers buy imported products, are required to directly with manufacturers in bidding, and do not want by any trade intermediary institution or individual deals, it is also a star hair building materials as synthetic resin tile manufacturers have the advantage.
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