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Star hair synthetic resin tile partners build sichuan auspicious company project manager weeks total

by:Xingfa      2020-10-18
Star hair synthetic resin tile ShangJianXiang company project manager weekly total of cooperation:

sichuan auspicious is a construction company registered capital of 50 million, is the construction association director unit, with a number of engineering contracting grade qualification, this year we have a school in wuhou district of chengdu exchange center renovation project need to use synthetic resin tile products. Because just started to have no idea about products, just search on the net, back and forth also found several synthetic resin tile distributors do product and price comparison. Later, search to star building materials, going to compare the last budget, when I get into their website was attracted to the simple sense of can see the product from the product pictures; Factory strength is abundant, isn't that what we are searching for manufacturer?

the phone contact and fieldwork in the process, their service is also worth I shu thumb, and recommend the suitable products for our project, made a detailed plan, budget and control within our expectations, we finally reached a cooperation and star building materials. When installation, they also keen arranged for technical personnel to cooperate to solve some problems in the construction site. This cooperation is very happy, I believe we have next time, next time again the cooperation.
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