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Star hair resin tile recruitment: waiting, just waiting for you!

by:Xingfa      2020-10-19
Star hair building materials as one of the earliest resin tile manufacturer in southwest China, separately set up sales in 2014, the development gradually expanded, and network marketing effect is very significant. Now, not only the sales department moved to a bigger office building ( On July 20, 2017 moved to: chengdu salween district, 666 chicken creek road north the Gemini international west building 2901) , more will set up the ministry of foreign trade, after all the way along the route, Europe and other countries in the region will see the figure of star hair resin tile. Released now, the ministry of foreign trade job below:

I hope in the near future, one star hair family have you, gradually expand the star hair building materials with your pay and efforts. Come on, have a dream action, one thousand achieved! ! !
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