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Spring Festival has come, your home old house renovation is the cover of synthetic resin

by:Xingfa      2020-10-19
On December 15, 2016, alibaba Spring Festival has begun, star building materials also very honored to attend the activities, not only has the end-of-year sales specials, enjoys order 600 sent 30 yuan coupon offer. New Year approaching, whether you are thinking of the dilapidated old house roof tile is replaced? Now is the time, star hair synthetic resin tile qualitative light, good waterproof performance, durable for 30 years, also need not during overhaul maintenance, beautiful appearance atmosphere, installation convenient and quick, 2 - 3 days can give you a pretty good home!

Spring Festival special offers 2016 only. 12. 15 day, hope to have the will of the new and old friends, grasping the opportunity to miss a day is about to wait a year to have such a special offers. Star synthetic resin tile activities address: https://detail. 1688. com/offer/41676448863。 HTML, click to details

this pictures of old housing renovation for star hair building materials in synthetic resin tile instance, purline are wood, if the previous wooden corruption, bug eat by moth, not like figure one can continue to use; If not strong, can replace wood tile again.
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