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solar roof top policy scrapped | delhi news - times of india

by:Xingfa      2019-10-27
New Delhi: The solar mission in Delhi is in trouble.
The Delhi government has a roof.
Top solar policy for consumers to install solar panels on roofs
The additional power generated is delivered to the main grid.
However, government officials believe that there are several reasons for the plan to be used, and the main violation is the production of electricity by cheaper means and the sale to discoms at a higher price.
On the other hand, according to the new energy and renewable energy department program provided to BSES, 465 KW of solar power generation did not find any recipients.
Discom asked for subsidies, but the government refused.
The Ministry of Environment is looking for other parties to undertake the work.
\"The central government is no longer keen on the roof --
It\'s also a top solar project.
Several loopholes were found that could lead to fraud.
Labels that can\'t keep solar capacity on each roof-
If someone produces electricity from cheap contaminated diesel generator sets and inputs it into the grid, we will never know.
The cost of solar energy and fuel varies greatly.
\"We have to consider alternatives now,\" said a senior government official . \".
Changes in policy have also put discom BSES in trouble.
Distribution companies plan to generate electricity through the roof-
The government is now waiting for another policy.
\"We are going to start a 1 mw project using the roof --
Top of Discom building.
However, we are in trouble as government policies change.
If the Delhi Electric Power Regulatory Commission announces this year the removal of renewable energy power generation obligations, we will have to obtain our mandatory solar energy from other states because there is not enough land in Delhi to set up a large solar project, \"Gopal Saxena, CEO of BSES Rajdhani, said.
The government was annoyed that discom did not generate 465 KW power, part of a 1 mw solar project in Delhi under MNRE.
\"Tata Delhi Electric has set up a factory for £ 535 KW without additional subsidies.
The remaining 465 KW is open for work recently, but BSES require additional subsidies.
The MNRE has established subsidies so there is no additional issue.
We were disappointed with B\'s response and were willing to bid on other players.
NDPL have shown interest and we are willing to let them accept it, \"the source said.
A spokesman for the TDP said: \"The proposal has been submitted for internal approval.
We have built a solar roof of 1 MW.
Top of Keshavpuram, as well as some small power plants in various offices.
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