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solar roof tiles - solar power without the solar look

by:Xingfa      2019-10-23
If you\'re like a lot of people who are considering installing solar energy at home right now, you probably don\'t know the difference between solar roof tiles and solar panels.
The difference is important because one thing that prevents many people from enjoying the benefits of solar energy is that they are afraid of destroying the look of their home.
So, what\'s the difference between a home with solar panels and a home with solar panels?
Do you have solar roof tiles?
It is not difficult to notice this.
Solar panels are large, bulky units that usually inhabit the roof, and it seems to some to be like in science fiction movies.
In order to properly install the panels, additional roof frames or roof penetration are usually required.
If your house is the first to install solar panels, you may have to endure many interesting looks and derogatory comments from your neighbors.
On the other hand, solar roof tiles are less noticeable than solar panels.
As the name suggests, either asphalt tile or most other common types of roof, solar roof tiles are incorporated into your existing roof.
A weight of about 2.
5 pounds per square foot, so they are usually easy to use when installed.
They tend to be dark blue.
Gray, so they are easily fused with most of the existing roof types.
The best thing is that they provide a seamless look, so the untrained eyes will not be able to tell the difference.
But probably the best place for solar roof tiles is how they can help you save energy.
A tile can emit about 50 to 200 watts of energy, which is equivalent to a small window fan.
While this may not sound quite the same, if you incorporate the tiles into the entire roof, you should be able to provide enough energy for your entire house.
If you are lucky enough to live in a sunny state like California, Florida or Arizona, you may generate more energy than you need.
You can then sell excess energy to local power companies to further reduce your energy costs.
So not only does the solar tile look great, it helps you to do what\'s really important: save money.
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