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solar power, without all those panels

by:Xingfa      2019-11-03
Annie Eisenberg.
Today, the main way for families to take advantage of solar energy is by adding roofs or bulky panels mounted on the ground.
However, the company is now offering alternatives to these fixtures in a less obvious form, with wooden tiles, tiles and other building materials, in which photovoltaic cells are sealed.
\"The new materials are part of the building itself, not the additional materials, and they push PV to a new level --
It\'s an aesthetic, \"said Alfonso Velosa III, research director at Gartner and co -.
The author of an upcoming report on the market in this new area, called building-
Integrated Photovoltaic.
The company is making solar tiles and wooden tiles that are suitable in color and shape, for example, the popular terracotta tile roof in the Southwest, or the gray wooden tiles in the coastal salt box hut.
Martin R. says the Philadelphia ad srs Energy is making curved solar roof tiles designed to blend with traditional clay tiles in Southern California
Low, CEO of SRS.
He estimates that a solar tile system that meets half of the power needs of a typical California home will take about $20,000 to install after a tax refund, or 10 to 20% more power than the solar panel does. AdvertisementU. S.
Ceramic tiles in Corona, California
Steve Gast said clay tile makers will sell SRS\'s Sol é Power tiles, initially in California, and then the president of the company in Arizona, New Mexico, Texas and other states
He said it may accept orders as early as November for shipment on January.
SRS Energy purchased photovoltaic cells covering the roof from the manufacturer of flexible solar modules in Rochester Mountain, Michigan, United Solar Ovonic.
J. says SRS connects silicon batteries to curved Solé tiles made of the same basic material as the car bumperD.
Albert, engineering director, SRS.
The batteries have been installed at several demonstration sites, including a home in Bermuda Dunes, California.
Homeowner Bill Thomas, a roofing contractor who did not create a brand new roof with solar tiles, chose to insert them into his existing roof and replace the Terracotta Warriors of approximately 300 square feet;
The job took about four hours, he said.
The solar plug-in on the roof will generate about 2,400 KW hours of electricity a year, enough to pay for a quarter to a third quarter of a typical electricity bill.
Said Albert of SRS.
The global solar company in Ariz Tucson is producing a different kind of building roof and side solar material.
The atomization layer of the photovoltaic coating known as CIGS is deposited on the sheet.
\"We offer this film and other companies like Dow design it into a product,\" said Timothy Tich, vice president of sales and marketing . \".
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Crystal photovoltaic cells are the same type as in fixed panel installation and are used in ceramic tiles provided by Italian company System Photonics.
Stephen L said the cells were secured in place by a transparent plastic protective layer made by DuPont and protected against moisture.
DuPont global director of photovoltaic packaging business Clough.
There are 13 colors for tiles. Mr.
Velosa says it\'s built in.
In the United States, solar power generation has just started, and most of the devices are still in the experimental stage.
But it will change, he said, because \"we see that the construction industry has realized,
Efficient Building is an opportunity for growth.
\"Paul Markowitz, senior analyst at South omarkets L. C.
A research firm in Glen Allen, Virginia
Agree to the market for the building-
Integrated products look promising.
But he says it depends largely on when the construction industry and the real estate market will start to recover.
He said that from the cost and design point of view, the best time to install photovoltaic is during the construction of the building.
AdvertisementAkhil Sivanandan research analyst at Frost & Sullivan, a consulting firm in Madras, India, said the speed of government subsidies passed construction-
Integrated Photovoltaic in the United States, Europe already has.
\"You need government incentives,\" he said . \"
\"Even if prices fall and technology advances, the cost is still too high.
In France, Germany and other countries,
He said the integrated solar market is growing rapidly as subsidies and projects pay homeowners the electricity they generate and feed back to the grid.
\"In Europe, architecture --
In the solar market, integrated PV has accounted for about 3 to 4% of the share . \"
Sivanandan added that the incentives helped homeowners repay system costs in five to seven years.
But another quality is critical to the popularity of the building.
Sir, integrated solar cellsVelosa said.
\"Aesthetics is the key,\" he said . \"
\"They must look good. ”E-
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