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Small resin tile play a bigger role

by:Xingfa      2020-10-14
As people living standard enhancement, the rural construction under the roof on modelling also more than willing to some kung fu, and resin tile undoubtedly become nowadays popular a roofing tile, commonly used resin tile people to clap for it, so what's good resin tile?

resin has a natural resin and synthetic resin, but the use of the natural resin is less on the market at present, with more resin should be synthetic resin.

and our production of synthetic resin tile not only beautiful, three-dimensional, and the colour respect is very has the characteristics of ancient Chinese architecture, has been widely used in all kinds of permanent building roof decoration, in particular, the current domestic promoted 'ping changed slope' project.

high weatherability resin in the resin tile and subject resin has good corrosion resistance, not easily be snow and rain erosion and lead to performance degradation, it can resist acid, alkali, salt and so on many kinds of chemical corrosion, so it is very suitable for the coastal areas of salt fog corrosion resistance is very strong and serious air pollution.

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