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Six steps to make wooden purlin sloping roofs , so simple!

Six steps to make wooden purlin sloping roofs , so simple!


Nowadays, sloping roof villas are popular, but many rural house builders can only make cast-in-place sloping roofs. Although this reinforced concrete cast-in-situ sloping roof has good overall performance, the cost is very high. 4, 50,000, so, is there any kind of slope roof construction method that is simple and economical?

Today I will teach you the construction method of gable + wooden purlin sloping roof. The budget is about 10,000 yuan. If the construction team says that they can’t do this kind of sloping roof, then you can learn to teach him how to do it!

1. Preparation materials: wooden purlins, tiles, tiles and various construction tools

2. Cast-in-place roof ring beams and drainage gutters

The rural construction team will do the pouring ring beam, but there is one detail to pay attention to, pouring a platform that supports the beam at an oblique angle. Below is the bottom view of the placed beam, so that you can see where a small detail is good.

3. Build a gable

4. Put the wooden purlin on the beam.

Place the spine beam and the supporting beam, and place other beams after being fixed. (There are different customs of beaming in various rural areas, some are to set off firecrackers, and some are to offer sacrifices. Let's discuss the customs of your village in the comment area!)

5. Install the tile

First install the diagonal tiles. The most important thing for binding tiles is the ridge line and the joint groove. After the diagonal tiles are bound, install the horizontal tiles.

6. Hanging tiles

The tile depth and length of the ditch should be sufficient to ensure smooth drainage of rainstorms without spillage. Use horizontal hanging tiles to fix it to avoid sliding. Tiles can be ceramic glazed tiles, cement tiles, etc. This type of tile paving will be slower, time-consuming, labor-intensive, and labor-intensive.


Suggestion: The tile can use the more popular ASA Synthetic resin roof sheet, which can reduce the use of tile strips and save materials. ASA Synthetic resin roof sheet is light in weight and has a large single sheet area, which effectively reduces lap joints, is conducive to waterproofing and leak-proofing, and is fast in paving, saving time and labor.

How about it? Is the finished ASA Synthetic resin roof sheet beautiful?

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