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Shipping notification: total 7000 m yuan in guizhou dark grey resin tile has been shipped

by:Xingfa      2020-10-18
If you are going to buy resin, as a veteran resin tile factory, we remind you that you can buy it. Because of the raw materials for resin tile are going up, certainly will will cause resin tile product prices rise, so, if you have this plan, hurry to buy it, we haven't price increases, there are part of the manufacturer or distributor on the market has begun to rise in price. Guizhou yuan total, to purchase the 7000 meters deep gray resin tile, now the delivery.

the factory workers are loading, 7000 meters deep gray resin tile just packed in a car.

good cargo has been shipped, always pay attention to schedule a time to receive yuan, please. Best wishes for a successful project completion. ! !
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