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Shandong resin as workshop wall plate edge

by:Xingfa      2020-10-16
Shandong resin wall plate is applied to the modern factory building more wall board, outsourcing the place such as board, partition of tank, flat walls. Workshop wall plate due to factors such as the vertical gravity, installation requirements are so strict restrictions, can only be cut into small pieces installed separately, has been getting more and more difficult to meet the requirements of modern factory building high wall and high span. Shandong resin wall plate is according to the domestic and foreign customers install and use experience for many years, specially to open mold production, in line with the vertical mechanical type of tile design plus perfect wave height size, not only beautiful but also meet the requirements of any plant height, its comprehensive performance reached a high level of domestic similar products, in the shape of a trapezoid structure design not only it can be used as a wall plate are increasingly being applied to the use of roof tile, become the 'energy saving, environmental protection' product promotion. Shandong resin wall plate of main models have 1130 | 1088 | 720, people from all walks of life welcome calls for enquiry: 0535 - 3490877
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