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Send resin tile Orion you imagining the future architectural forms of development

by:Xingfa      2020-10-18
In the 21st century, people no longer confined to the requirement of building use function, advocating the art, the pursuit of green and intelligent building will become the mainstream of the architects design ideas, the future architecture will provide people with a more safe, comfortable and convenient living environment. Architecture is the soul of architects give building, the building will be what kind of future? Let the star hair resin tile small make up take you think about it.

outstanding works of art in modern architecture, such as the Sydney opera house in Australia, France, the Eiffel Tower and the China national stadium the bird's nest, etc. , these buildings are made high on human cultural value and aesthetic value. Along with people the pursuit of green world, green building on the human stage, it advocates energy conservation, recycled, return to natural design concept. Progress of science and technology will make the building more intelligent, so as to provide people with more comfortable and convenient living environment. Star to send small make up resin tile architecture, green building and intelligent building three aspects discusses the development trend of the future construction.

a, architectural art:
architectural form art art is in accordance with the laws of formal beauty, using the unique artistic language, make the construction of cultural value and aesthetic value, it is through the building image shows. Along with the development of the city and the people of architectural aesthetics, building image is more and more prominent in the position in architectural design, building image contains the objective image and the double meaning of aesthetic, it constitutes a diversified approach, to the person's appeal also is varied. Different characteristics of buildings with matching architectural form, such as monuments or other need show solemn public buildings should use symmetric form, it gives a person the sense of modesty, ambitious, serious, than the symmetric and asymmetric equilibrium balance appears light and lively, have for majestic buildings. Building itself exists rhythm, not only between buildings and there is also a rhythm. Rhythm is the elements of any object formed by repeated a characteristic, most of the artistic effect of a building, to rely on the metrical relationship coordination, simplicity. Rhythm between different buildings to give music beauty to the city, so as to give the life to city planning. The coming of information era calls for a new era of space and model to reflect the characteristics of modern architects breakthrough tradition, from painting to absorb the nutrition of the development of the modern architectural art gradually to abstract expression.

2, green buildings:
to the road of green building green building refers to the construction of the whole life cycle, maximize resource conservation, Energy conservation, section land, water, and materials) , protect the environment and reduce pollution, provide people with healthy, applicable and efficient use of space, and the natural harmonious coexistence of architecture, also known as ecological construction. The design of the green building will develop to the two aspects of environmental protection materials and green design.

1。 Use of environmentally friendly building materials 1) Environmentally benign environmental protection building materials requirements. Environmental building materials should be better durability, ease of maintenance management, do not send out or rarely produces harmful substances ( At the same time also to take into account other aspects of the features, such as artistic effect) , the current construction of pollution mainly comes from the stone material, sheet, coating and cement, etc. , the development of green building will foster has better performance of environmentally friendly materials to replace these waste materials. Modern infrastructure and environmentally friendly building materials mainly include: new thermal insulation materials, new waterproof sealing materials, new wall materials, decoration materials and inorganic nonmetal materials. Although the material cost is relatively higher, but, with the persistent pursuit of green building, these materials will be widely used. 2) Resource saving and environmentally friendly building materials requirements. Some materials once made, is almost endless, their life cycle, such as the widespread use of clay brick in China before, as long as the quality is not damaged, almost can continue to be used, this must eat into the growing lack of arable land. Therefore, as far as possible use of materials made from renewable raw materials and recycled building materials, maximize resource conservation, reduce solid waste, to match the green building development path.

2。 Green design, green came into the building. Roof garden can not only effectively reduce the temperature of the building, but also can increase the urban greening area, enhanced the breath of the city.

3, intelligent building
the future construction of science and technology will be around to protect the environment, save resources, reduce energy consumption. Building intelligent technology for the development of ecology, energy saving, solar and other applications to provide technical support in all types of modern architecture, the combination of ecological building and intelligent building. Building intelligent technology is building as the platform, with construction equipment, office automation system and communication network, structure, system, service, management, and the best combination between them, provide people with a safe, efficient, comfortable, convenient building environment.
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