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Sales review: tell me about the resin tile sales categories in the process of the customer

by:Xingfa      2020-10-19
2016 has entered the end, this year's results is better than in previous years, of course, thanks to support our friends old and new customers for a long time, it is everybody's support, the stars send resin tile will more walk more far, getting better and better. Encountered in the process of today to share in the sales of several types of difficult customer conversation skills, have good communication, can promote clinch a deal, isn't it?

to say the most difficult to get a tough customer, so customers are very picky about everything, often deliberately brushed what you mean. The customer of this type will never agree with your opinion, even rebuttal. In a word, what you said is wrong, there is no reason. At this time, be sure to just hold your horses, don't bet a qi angered him, also don't argue with him, even if you are on your breath argue that won him, then lost the deal won also do not have any meaning, also his cubbyhole. To suppress their emotions, to static braking, since the loss occasionally make humor meet this sharp customer psychology, when his conquests satisfied, deal is reached.

the second type is tsundere customers, likes to boast self-praise. As he put all the people under the soles of the feet trample, they always feel superior, the appearance of a pair of smugness, as if someone is behind him. There is a little achievement is proud of the ages, is not everyone will he hold the god! Customers like this, you are hard with him, giving him et top hat, but let him feel you really admire him, his pride once met, is you the beginning of the commodity clinch a deal.

the third type of fault type, the pursue is perfect, everything will be a little flaw, see not pleasing to the eye, you won't like products! Even if he want to buy resin, will also find one thousand kinds of products. For customers like this, you have to care for their own appearance, clean and tidy clothes, best also very hot straight, hair comb, slightly to visit him again. At first all actions best can comply with the basic law of salesman, fairly etiquette, polite greetings, first impressions don't any critical chance for each other, otherwise, even have no chance to talk again. Details for the product, from small start, he is doing all it can to discover any possible lack of any product. Round against him, as long as you try for picky customers, absolutely absolute is a man of self-confidence is dye-in-the-wood, you should try to go along with him, if he really wanted to refute, have to be very skilled, such as: Sir, you are careful. Can pay attention to such small details. But it's good, we happened to this product and other products, has a small amplitude, is & hellip; … … 。 。 。 Like this, to satisfy his critical heart, make him think you see, I say yes! This part was really have a problem! Feel the pride meet, he will not be too excessive, embarrass you.

more integrated these three kind of difficult for all customer communication skills, everyone has their own characteristics, in the process of resin tile sales, we need to have good observation, processing capacity and conversation skills, deal with good, each type of customers will become your clients.
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