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Sales regional differences different integration ceiling market

by:Xingfa      2020-10-13
Integrated ceiling industry gradually into orbit on a secondary market development, with the accelerating urbanization process, many county market be integrated ceiling manufacturer into development area, the relevant channels and stores, advertising laid down frequently launch and promotion, to occupy the market brand laid a solid foundation. Due to the difference of economic condition selection into the kinds of ceiling products is different, but it can be seen at the county level integration ceiling market has great development space. With the continuous improvement of people's living standard of people to be resided to the home life quality requirements are constantly changing, in many cities at the county level in most domestic outfit indoor door buy finished product from the market, almost no decorate personnel to do.
when they choose integration ceiling brand, brand awareness integration ceiling stronger than a line consumption city, there are a lot of families choose the same brand. When asked why choose this brand, some said see where this brand advertising is, that is a big brand, advertising or no strength; Others said to see friends home outfit is the brand, friends say good may choose. Advertising appears in the market at the county level or have certain effect, and gather a certain popularity is also very important.
small town residents source of information is less, they don't know how to choose products, think only brand products are more reliable, and residents of small towns around the house all the relatives and friends, afraid of being people despise the, therefore more valued brand products. The consumer psychology and traditional wisdom, many remote backward area of brand integration ceiling manufacturers think that these requirements is not high, can even become the scene of marketing and deal with the backlog of products, it's big mistake, this is what some integration ceiling manufacturer to open up the market when the effect not beautiful. According to the characteristics of such integration ceiling manufacturer in cities at the county level in the next major efforts to a wide range of store expansion and promotion propaganda, let more consumer understand integration ceiling manufacturer brand, realize integration ceiling manufacturer of high quality products and excellent service, so as to better to open the market at the county level. In the town of potentially rich group, proportion of young people is higher than big cities, 18-55% 34, young people, especially some college back to origin, most are willing to make my home into the county seat, so rich group with unique consumer demand of the small towns and characteristics. Most of the town rich group pay more attention to the stability of the life, had the money the first thought to build a house, also want to leave their home when decorate of sweet and comfortable, rather than blindly pursue high consumption, this creates a lot of business opportunities to the household sector.
for integration ceiling products, the gap between market and two cities at the county level are high. One of the biggest difference is that residents of the cities at the county level market consumer personality requirements are not as strong. But then some government officials and some rich people take the lead from the town has introduced the indoor smallpox condole top, everybody feels this kind of door style integration ceiling ten big brand beautiful workmanship, especially the young people get married in the bridal chamber, installing new personality integration ceiling more festivity, high-grade, indoor suit door gradually from new product development in the county into a popular product. Only with the quality and credibility of word of mouth in the market occupies a certain position to development, let us together hand in hand together to meet new challenges.
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