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Rural houses don't capricious guy oh, illegal private building will be demolished!

by:Xingfa      2020-10-19
Urban property prices is higher and higher, now most of migrant workers can't afford one million become a mortgage slave urban property prices, began to return home to build. Here, the stars send resin tile small make up to remind you that in the countryside since the building need to be built through legal procedures qualified talented oh, don't hold the homestead is my home, I'd like to how to build the idea of building, once was found to be dismantled, that will be wiped out.

as far as I know, just because someone secretly neo-treasure hill farms, and forced demolition. Because of tension of land resources and environmental protection, audit strictly, he was desperate, build private. Cover will be built in their mountain forest farms, the green roof tile, thought that will not be found, the result was dismantled and do more harm than good.

then he through formal channels, set up farms after approved by the audit, but receive state subsidies. Get more professional technical guidance when farms are built, taking everything into consideration the safety performance of farms, whether to promote livestock growth, as well as the factors related to environmental protection.

the expert advice, he learned that the synthetic resin tile laying farms are more suitable for roofing tile, because of its corrosion resistance, heat insulation, sound insulation noise reduction wind and earthquake resistant, safe and reliable, and can create a better farms breeding environment; And does not rust, use fixed number of year is long, installation convenient and fast, is a new type of green roof tile in a high cost performance.

now, his blatant farms cover the orange resin tile roof, no longer scary afraid of being demolished.
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