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Rural beautification non-stop, synthetic resin tile beautiful farm yard to help farmers income to become rich

by:Xingfa      2020-10-19
Spring flowers, some people like to hang out in the free time for an outing, and the nearest farmhouse was flowers, all good place to have a rest, the air is fresh, can smell the breath of nature. Ma Xia town Zhao Zhuang is such a nice place, small make up have been attracted by strong wind Chinese architecture here.

gray resin tile roof, white walls and the red plastic wood, you don't say, after this now, the house suddenly became more beautiful. A villager made no secret of the smile on his face said. Through a unified comprehensive environmental control, the country become beautiful, weekends or holidays to us here to play more, our organic business much better. And that a series of change, all thanks to the town this year on the implementation of provincial highway 304 line environment comprehensive improvement project, the village become beautiful, people's happiness, along with the mood also become beautiful. Listen to the villagers, small make up also can not help but looked at the side of the road with thick Chinese wind house, the style of classical, static unseen in the small village at the foot of the stage, rising in barrier.

it is understood that at present the project has been completed Zhao Zhuang transit houses along the resin tile transforming laid 5100 square meters, 6800 square meters of walls painted white, wall with hood of 1500 meters, paving the road brick of 1950 square meters. At the same time, continue to promote every Tuesday in comprehensive environmental control in the whole town, organizing county-rural cadres and the masses to carry out the rural environmental health during the 15 times, clean the road 12 times, clean up six heap of more than 130, pickup production life and more than 180 tons of construction waste, ZhenRong CunMao look brand-new.

now, many villages are to develop tourism projects, the use of natural resources, coupled with the environmental renovation and home improvements, creating special tourism village. And the roof is a building, using the color bright, fast installation, thermal insulation, corrosion resistance of resin tile as roofing material, is better.
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