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roofing : asphalt shingles, durable tiles top list of materials

by:Xingfa      2019-10-29
There are many options for roof materials today.
Although they are both durable, they all have their own advantages and trade. offs.
Here are two popular options: cement roof tiles and asphalt tiles.
Cement roof tiles combine the advantages of modern materials to provide a traditional look.
These products are made of cellulose fiber.
Cement or concrete.
They are red, black, white, green and gray and can be molded into wooden tiles, barrels
Tile or slate.
The strength of the cement roof tile lies in its durability.
Because they are masonry materials, they are resistant to weathering, insects, and fires.
Their almost non-penetrating surfaces also resist the formation of fungi, and because they are heavy, they resist the rise of wind.
Asphalt wooden tile is the most common roof material, which is divided into two categories--organic-
Fiberglass and fiberglass.
The organic base layer means that the wooden tile is made of a cellulose mat saturated with asphalt and is covered with mineral particles.
The fiberglass tile has a woven fiberglass mat covered with asphalt and mineral particles.
Organic wood tiles have a class C fire rating and glass fiber tiles have a Class a fire rating.
An important difference between these two types of wooden tiles is that in cold weather, organic types are more flexible than fiberglass types.
The two most common types of asphalt roof tiles are threetab (
Also called Bar tile)
Architecture (
Also known as laminated wooden tiles). A three-
Tab shingle is a rectangular cushion with two slots on the front edge.
With the expansion of the wooden tile and contraction with the weather, the trough provides decompression.
There is a heavy bottom mat on the building wooden tile with another mat or mat part on it.
In addition to making the wooden tile heavier and more durable, this structure also gives features such as roof shadow lines and tiles or wooden roofs.
Three of the standards
Tab shingle can be organicor fiberglass-based.
Although some are organic, most building tiles have fiberglass mats.
Finally, there are areas and special forms of asphalt roofs, such as strong winds.
Resistance wood tile called T-lock.
This is a slotted T.
The shape of the tile locked on the below and above.
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