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roof tiling materials: an elaborate guide

by:Xingfa      2019-10-25
Roof tiles are often sought after when it comes to making the house look attractive.
Design roof tiles of various shapes, colors and sizes is an original thing that has been chosen for hundreds of years. These man-
The making materials are usually made of solid materials such as clay or pottery materials, sometimes even made of glass!
Indeed, the most commonly used material is clay, which needs to be continuously polished and treated with a weather-resistant paint coating.
The most basic style of roof tiles is flat tiles.
These shapes are rectangular, making it equally easy to lay on the roof.
A large population looking for and using flat tiles is a common option.
In addition, since 1970s, the methods and applications involved in creating flat tiles have remained almost the same, giving it a traditional look.
Other types of roof tiles have Roman and one-lap tiles.
The Roman tile is a wise choice, and it is characterized by bending from the edges and interweaving together to obtain additional strength.
When the single-lap tiles are laid out on the roof, they provide different patterns, which is an ideal choice.
Slate roof material consisting of clay and other volcanic materials, deposited rock eventually mixed underground under sufficient pressure and high temperature.
The slate roof is made of this deposited rock.
These roofs are strong and waterproof, and are also people\'s favorite.
Simple rectangular shape that can be displayed on the roof.
It is ideal to break a large part of the slate into small pieces without any effort.
In addition to the favorable durability of the slate roof, the biggest drawback of this substance is the high cost of purchasing and repairing.
In addition, in order to maintain the consistency of the building layout and interest in certain areas, it is necessary to determine the type of slate.
In addition, it is difficult to find contractors working on such roofs.
Felt roof material felt roof requirements are made of solid polyurethane material.
After treating the substrate with an additive coating, apply the felt roof to it.
Roof felt is permanently fixed on the coated base with the help of appropriate galvanized nails.
This type of roof usually appears in a garage and patch shed that uses a flat roof.
The obvious advantage of the felt roof is that it is economical because it is generally chosen as cost-
Effective roof key for annex building.
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