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by:Xingfa      2020-06-01
Roofing Tiles in India are made of lots of products now days, Polycarbonate sheets, GI sheets, ACC sheets, Cement cast roof tiles and clay/ terracotta roof tiles.Clay Roof tiles being the most common and most abundant in India are made mostly in the coastal regions of Southern India. Roofing worldwide is an industry, which is found around the coastal areas. Mangalore, Kerala and Gujarat are the formidable players in this field, but going with times this industry has not modernised or equipped itself with the latest systems of shaping, handling, glazing and firing which end up being the most crucial factors for manufacturing a good Clay Roof Tile. The temperature of firing in India on the locally available roof tiles is no where close to present day units such as Boral of Australia. A good firing is the soul of the roof tile enabling it to perform the onslaughts of the harshest treatment once inside the rooftops. You have the sun, wind, rain and hailstorms and other factors continuously playing on the cover tiles and to beat all this and still remain the same the top tiles have to undergo the best and toughest of tests which are finished at Boral factories to allow a Guaranteed product. It is the consistent effort and motivation of the Boral technical and manufacturing staff to give the best that nobody can deliver. A regarding tests are done for the tile to check all parameters of stability on rooftops and make them leak proof etc the fact that the local tile manufacturers have not even heard of. Today it is fortunate that in a competitive world, Clay Roof Tiles are available in India, which are world class, and with so lots of choice of both profiles and colours that we can be part of today's housings with pride. We at Pioneer Caps & Slopes have introduced Boral Roof tiles in India in a big way and continue our endevour to provide the very best of Clay Roof Tiles in India. Boral has introduced Five variants of Roof Tiles: 1.The Shingle profile, which is a slim flat profile of the modern roofing elevation, is engineered for enhanced waterproofing and at lower roof pitch. 2. The French profile is the best match with classical looks and having a twin valley for any better water flow comes in a vast colour range. 3. The Swiss profile give the contemporary looks of country and rustic Spanish feel. 4. The Proshakes is a not very heavy roofing tile specially made by Boral in Australia for your US market, it gives the replacement for that traditional wooden shakes and is a very sturdy tile and this roof tile also comes in a wide colour range. 5. The Proslate, as the name indicates is a stony look tile like slate only terracotta and will have the looks of stone but properties of slate, this again is a product made specially now Tiles in the usa by Boral of Australia. With these wide colour ranges and profiles from Boral , Terracotta roof tiles in india are in to find a sea change and specially the simple fact these are clay roof tiles adds more to the properties and benefits associated with having a good roof over top of your head. Terracotta roof tiles have always been a dream of architects and with so much to use in India , Boral's clay roof tiles in India have a great future.
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