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Roof tile made from plastic is very strange? Your car are made of plastic, the letter?

by:Xingfa      2020-10-19
New application fields of plastic products is more and more widely, not only lower cost, and high plasticity, light weight, seismic shock buffering capacity is strong, so widely used. But some people, especially older people, in the process of our sales resin tile also met, they think the plastic product is cheap, easy embrittlement and unsafe. Actually otherwise, now, most of the cars are made from plastic casing and accessories, just to have a look.

plastic parts in the automobile industry dosage may directly reflect the development level of automobile industry of a country, because it is understood that Germany nearly 300 kg on average every car use plastic products, accounts for some 22% of the auto total consumption materials; Japan per vehicle on average 100 kg plastic, 7 of auto materials consumption. 5%. And now only adopted a maximum of 70 kg in our country, also has the very big development space. So why is everyone is keen on the use of plastic material? Mainly has the following advantages:

1. Cost control: plastic parts cost is low, such as many car front bumper are now made of modified PP, modified PP price is several thousand yuan a ton, and light steel weight.

2。 Plastic molding, products of complex shape can be a forming, mass production can be used in a variety of molding method, high production efficiency, manufacturers in non-critical parts such as interior, covering parts to use what is there against it?

3。 Due to the increasingly strict environmental regulations and various car manufacturers in focusing on hand to reduce the fuel consumption and emissions, plastic lighter can reduce the weight of the car. According to the study, a car every 10% reduction in weight, fuel consumption is reduced by 6% ~ 8%, and our fleet emissions reduced by 5% ~ 6%.

although replaced by plastic, but security can't reduce. Are used in making auto parts and resin synthetic resin, it is a kind of high molecular weight polymer synthetic, is both or more than natural resin inherent characteristics of a resin, can avoid the defects of single resin, perfecting its functionality, make its corrosion resistance, impact resistant, durable. Now, electronics, electrical, automobile and building materials are synthetic resin is an important application field.
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