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Resolutely combating manufacturing sales and inferior resin tile against industry vital qi

by:Xingfa      2020-10-18
Due to the resin to the prosperity of the market, more and more low-quality and inferior resin tile mixed with resin tile quality is uneven in the market. It also attracted the attention of the industry and commerce, and other functions of the government departments, ordos evening news reported:

since this year, this public security bureau carried out against fake and inferior commodities and infringement of intellectual property crime to crack down on the crime of pyramid selling, two dozen special operations, effectively combat the production sales and inferior commodities criminal activities within their respective jurisdictions, recently, the bureau after more than a month of investigation, captured three manufacturing sales fake resin tile criminal suspect, for the economic losses of more than 100 ten thousand yuan.

during July, hubei QianQi public security bureau has received the villagers Yang, name of cao alarm, said his red card at the top resin tile distribution salesroom purchased a batch of resin tile appear serious quality problem, and the salesroom has shut the door closed, the shopkeeper shu a unaccounted for. Immediately after receiving reports, the police investigation, and went to handan city, hebei province, Qingdao in shandong province and other places to carry on the investigation. After more than a month of continuous fighting, finally find out the Yang village people, the name of cao buy resin tile of handan city some building materials co. , LTD. , production and sales of the unqualified and shoddy products, the company legal representative wang mou Shao Mou, manager and sales staff were captured.

as, wang mou, anhui membership HeBeiJi suspect criminal suspects Shao Mou and jiangsu native criminal suspects a that is being put into practice in ordos city ten full cover housing reconstruction project, need a lot of resin, and then set up the top of a red card in hubei QianQi resin tile outlets, and forged resin tile inspection report. Since 2015, three people were by selling fake resin tile illegal income of more than 100 ten thousand yuan. The illegal action of the three people in hubei QianQi city temple town, sichuan town, the town, Shanghai and other places more than 40 household farmers and herdsmen wei transformation appeared quality problem.

at present, wang mou, Shao Mou, shu a criminal suspects have been detained, illegal income have all returned to the victim.

as a new synthetic resin tile roofing materials, consumer awareness is relatively low, for synthetic resin tile stand or fall of discrimination is more ambiguous. So, want to put the industry bigger and stronger of the synthetic resin tile brand must take the lead in maintaining the benign development of the industry, with high quality and public praise, only get more recognition and brand development.
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