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Resin WaChang how to control quality for customer satisfaction

by:Xingfa      2020-10-13
In a demand customers hope after resin WaChang purchase products, is the primary focus on quality and price point, then how to do the quality? Quality is the need to manufacturers and customers together to participate in, manufacturers need to grasp the material process, customers learn to distinguish between a serious look.

the weight of the synthetic resin tile and the quality is not proportional to the. Everyone thought: the heavier weight, the better the quality, actually this is wrong. Reasons are as follows:

how to make a stand the test of resin tile:

a, ping change slope synthetic resin tile quality not by weight, because formula of synthetic resin tile is calcium powder is too much, the quality of course, but tile plasticizing cannot guarantee. Stabilizer is heavier, but stability is good, but the problem has come, weaker activity.

2, anticorrosive synthetic resin tile is main instrument temperature control, the quality of the different performance of the instrument can cause plasticizing resin tile present bubbling, trachoma, worm holes, cracks, and so on, these are important questions, sometimes thickness is thicker, the quality is poor, instead of normal thickness of 2. 5 mm - - 2. 8 mm, mature technology, stable, good performance.

3, weatherability, synthetic resin tile ready to have a good technical parameters, for example, hot weather, the die head to low temperature, cold weather, to a high temperature, it is master is experience.

4, synthetic resin tile to do well, technical personnel should have a duty to heart, have a professional training, has the good psychological quality, have professional.

5, synthetic resin wawa voltage stability, is also the main reason.

6, raw material is the key of synthetic resin.
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