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Resin tile will not unprovoked seeping in phenomenon?

by:Xingfa      2020-10-18
Synthetic resin tile as one of the controversial 2020 tiles. Of the person you like is like, I don't like it just smear it on purpose. Actually synthetic resin tile as a lightweight roofing materials, people tend to worry about resin roof tiles will crack water seepage, actually qualified synthetic resin tile products under the condition of the installation used properly, the customer can be rest assured, won't appear crack water seepage conditions. So, in the daily life of resin tile crack water seepage situation is going on? Let small make up today for your answer to: sometimes will see some articles on the Internet is just buy synthetic resin tile cracks appeared the phenomenon of water penetration. So why the resin tile water penetration? Resin tile is partly due to buy quality is bad, some small manufacturer, covet is cheap, design and production of resin, the product quality is uneven, the materials used to make tiles are recycled tiles re-blows are secondary to manufacture, has lost the original toughness; There are some manufacturers reduce resin material, increase the calcium powder or powder, resin tile brittleness is very big, this makes easy to rupture of ooze water. 2 it is installation Angle problem, resin tile roof bracket to install installation according to the accurate Angle, Suggestions according to the roof ridge tile is 135 ° Angle of installation. Install resin tile need to cooperate with special waterproof accessories, one waterproof cushion is key parts. But the installation process installation personnel can sometimes forget waterproof pad installed this step, if not use waterproof cushion when installation, can cause resin that is leaking. Second, purlin distribution unreasonable purlin selection is not reasonable or the spacing is too wide, recommended spacing within the 660 mm, otherwise it will cause resin tile down, forming crack leakage. Keel distort to need to install with resin tile reasonable point of view, or keel after deformation will produce irregular deflection, result in the crack of the resin tile. Keel should be straight, there should not be distorted and horizontal well versed in the section of the knot. Screw hardness is too high and low cost of self-tapping screws generally easy to drilling screw with higher hardness, actually this kind of screw, mostly carbon is high, drilling is easy, but lack of toughness, meet the wind tiles under the action of tension can easily break in resin tile craze. Self tapping screw nail is too tight when installing a resin tile into the self tapping screw, the traveler is not to say that tapping nailing the deeper the more firmly the more stable. Resin tile is independent stretchability, if nail too tightly in the wind, the resin tile will pull force on the self-tapping screw fracture, resin tile can cause cracking, so must be reserved aperture for installation. ( The vast majority of are the causes of cracking resin tile! ) Industry and trade co. , LTD. , the production of synthetic resin tile product guarantee without the use of recycled materials, from feed mixed expect extrusion molding factory to detection, cengcengbaguan, strictly controls, for the overwhelming majority of customers with safe, reliable and qualified resin tile products. And resin tile manufacturer can also provide customers with installation instructions, from consulting to sale and after-sale, do good service to customer satisfaction.
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