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Resin tile why so brilliant

by:Xingfa      2020-10-13
Resin tile why so brilliant? A lot of people have this doubt, for a long time, people's perception of roofing materials have focused on the understanding of the tile. As a waterproof, heat preservation, heat insulation, roofing materials, clay tile is used in our country, the long history one of roofing materials. But clay tile use of land resources, the waste becomes construction waste, is not conducive to the development of the ecological environment, in order to protect the cultivated land, protect the environment, save energy, our country has restrictions and ban the use of clay tile, gradually promoting the use of clay tile - — Resin. From the point of development trend, lightweight material resin tile will gradually replace clay tile.

resin tile is also called light tile, synthetic resin tile, ping change slope tiles, antique plastic tile, plastic tile, is more popular in recent years a new type of roofing tile. Use resin tile relatively advanced three-tier co-extrusion ( A / B / C) Technology is processed at a time. Surface for ASA layer, middle is skeleton layer, the underlying as wear-resisting layer. It with environmental protection material, the quality of the light, easy to install, the appearance of novel, compact model, beautiful antique, corrosion resistance, insulation performance attracted the attention of the masses. It is widely used in high-grade villas, scenic pavilions, antique buildings, there is now vigorously promote the 'ping changed slope' project.

this well-respected resin tile, is the love and favor of customers, so the advantage of the brilliant performance we thumb up for you!
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