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Resin tile test meet the snow and ice

by:Xingfa      2020-10-15
Resin tile will soon usher in snow and ice test, has been the beginning of winter, heating time, before considering installing tile, need to do a job, not only want to buy from normal manufacturer, the manufacturer's technical experience is one aspect we choose to consider.

resin tile manufacturer's technical experience involves raw material proportioning accuracy, surface ASA uniform coverage and thickness of the control, temperature control and so on, which will directly affect the function indexes after molding, products.

the function of the resin tile relatively better than winter season, like places such as northeast China, Tibet belongs to the alpine region, the ice and snow for a long time of the year, in such a cold place, a lot of material will be made hard brittle. When building a house, is demanding for the choice of building materials, especially roofing tile, ice and snow cover on the roof directly, is a huge challenge for roof tile. Now in vogue in the resin tile enough to cope with such cold.

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