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Resin tile solve workshop roof corrosion of acid rain

by:Xingfa      2020-10-16
With the development of the industrialization process, environmental pollution increasing the deterioration of the human condition problem. In the field of industrial architecture ( Especially in the chemical industry) , corrosion phenomenon is an ever-present, everywhere, the raw materials and intermediate products, by-products in the process of production, most of the products is corrosive, the factory building, equipment foundation, all kinds of architecture, cooking and so on, will cause corrosion damage. Especially after the outer walls of the workshop and corrosion caused by roof, not only building the overall image, but also brings a series of problems such as leakage. In addition, the eastern coastal areas in our country is the heavy SuanYu District, every year because of corrosion problems caused by the loss can't estimate. Therefore solve the problem of corrosion of chemical plant is imminent, industry and trade co. , LTD. , the production of synthetic resin tile, specifically designed to solve the problem of workshop roof and wall of the corrosion of acid rain. Experimental results show: synthetic resin tile in 60% the following all kinds of acid, alkali and salt soaking for 24 hours without chemical reaction, is very suitable for acid rain prone areas, using corrosive plant and coastal areas. Synthetic resin tile is high weatherability engineering resin, PVC as the main raw material with other chemical raw materials, through scientific formula made with advanced technology, is the environmental protection new tiles. Characteristics of resin is a very good corrosion resistance, it become a tile in some areas to replace iron tile of absolute advantage. But corrosion is not the only characteristics of synthetic resin tile, just do it is not enough, the real synthetic resin tile should be in addition to have their own characteristics, but also with all performance of sheet metal. And than iron tile slightly better, as a new type of roofing tiles, and is now the choice of building roof tiles.
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