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Resin tile quality is the way of development

by:Xingfa      2020-10-16
In recent years, due to the rise of domestic ping change slope engineering and the construction of new countryside needs, a new type of green roof construction materials was born, the ASA resin tile as a new type of roofing tile with anti-corrosion, anti-aging, uv resistance, frost resistance, insulation, thermal insulation, good flame retardant is widely used for urban construction and the new rural reconstruction project. After several years development, however, in the past two years due to resin tile quality problems abound, it is green environmental protection and anti-aging performance is quite good resin, how life is so short? For most consumers, the resin product also don't know much, good or bad about the quality of the resin, it is difficult to identify, but the quality issue is by our consumers to bear? Of course not, the following by domestic resin tile professional manufacturers, industry and trade co. , LTD. , the technical personnel for our detailed analytical why resin tile gap between quality and price will be so big? 1. 2013 resin tile 35 yuan per square 15 years guarantee agreement, thickness is 3 mm. This in itself unfair to manufacturers and customers, why? 2013 China itself is a period of high inflation, price level depreciation particularly fast, the workers' wages and in the boom, when import anti-aging PvC material up to 7500 yuan per ton, according to 3 mm thick or synthetic resin to 5 watts per kilogram weight. 9 kg, raw material costs 3 per kilogram. 9 yuan, 23. 4 yuan per square, the production cost 15 yuan per ton to 2500 yuan per square, small profits of 5% per square that 1. 92 yuan. So 15 years guarantee tiles must be 40. 32 yuan, so 15 years guarantee resin tile must be 40. 32 yuan per square. Which have made bread is much cheaper than original flour? It is not fair deal. 2. Resin, or surface layer of the decisive role of anti-aging, anti-uv quality ASA, of course now ASA engineering resins are good and bad, good ASA prices to more than thirty thousand nearly forty-one thousand tons, there are more than ten thousand, with poor poor ASA anti-aging performance more bad, easy to fade. So the whole accounting cost six dollars at least. Now some manufacturers are using ABS as surface, because ABS raw material several thousand yuan/ton, very cheap. But according to the theory, ASA can anti-aging weatherability is ten times the ABS, that is the life of the ABS poor relative to the ASA to almost 10 years. And easy fade, A few months will fade) Brittle crack ( Brittle temperature - 7℃) 。 3. Of course with polyvinyl chloride ( PVC) As the main material's price is to determine the material of resin tile price and quality. Some irresponsible manufacturers in order to improve the quality of lower profits. Recycled PVC resin powder production. Or the Chinese old saying well said! You get what you pay for! Good stuff is not cheap, cheap no good goods!
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