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Resin tile of shipping logistics handling problems

by:Xingfa      2020-10-19
For resin tile belongs to bulk cargo, shipping logistics, and resin tile are loose, so sometimes appear edge wear phenomenon in the process of delivery, but the basic will not affect the use, because will lap when installation. If you do damage to the larger, general manufacturers will be re-issued. Here is a need to be aware of the problems in the process of resin tile handling:

handling: need to keep the level of resin tile, light with light, for less than one meter long tiles, some take throwing to shipping way to achieve the purpose of rapid loading and unloading, it is easy to cause damage and fracture of resin. In addition, resin tile belongs to big heavy stuff, is usually placed on the shelf at the bottom of the transport vehicle, can be placed on many goods, therefore, workers be careful enough while walking in the handling of the above goods, prevent the resin tile surface and edge scratch. If the transfer number is more, this kind of situation is very easy to appear, the chance of damage is high.

hoisting: resin by lifting to the roof installation, suggested resin tile pieces can be piled up no more than 20. To keep the level of resin tile, had better use three segments, especially resin tile with longer length, conditions allow level of welding steel structure as auxiliary lifting tool.

resin tile utilization rate is higher and higher, whether manufacturers delivery, or client when install and use, to achieve the safety first, it is necessary to protect the tiles is not damaged, reduce unnecessary trouble. This would require the manufacturer to do after-sale service, customers also need in the receiving, if found to have damaged problems to timely communication with manufacturer.
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