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Resin tile manufacturers star building materials the way of the transformation in the Internet

by:Xingfa      2020-10-18
Nearly period of time, yellow star hair building materials are participating in the eighth China electronic commerce ten Daniel, general manager of commercial campaign, campaign and circle of friends in the industry for, in the meantime, we have accidentally received an order for more than 20. As a resin tile manufacturers, why do you want to go to such a e-commerce ten Daniel's campaign? That's because we took to the road of the Internet, and effective.

before the transition to the Internet,
the problem of high cost of building materials industry offline customer development, and the effect is not obvious, accompanied by and accounts in a mess, bad loans, etc. , for the company's liquidity caused great hidden trouble. Range of customer sales have limitations, and the pressure of competition, to fight price can lead to the development of industry downturn. Good product sales, products with poor customer disagree, weak corporate profits, a slow development of the company!

why resin tile manufacturers star hair building materials into the Internet
star hair building materials in order to allow more users to contact and good product, in order to the production and development of the enterprise, in order to better create enterprise's profit model. The Internet with the lowest investment that allows companies to bring more returns, so as to solve the problem of low efficiency; To develop more customers and the products are sold all over the place, makes the high-quality goods brand.

after the Internet enterprise transformation, achieve the effect of the
we reduced the cost of the customer development, the same time the customer enquiry is more than 50% higher than offline, expanded the scope of our sales from neighboring sichuan to national each provinces and autonomous regions, more customers and users to purchase our products. Company now HuiKuanLv achieve 97% above, using the Internet to sell products of thinking, the same product sales increases more than 200%. Star send building materials will use the Internet thinking creates a resin tile industry quality brand, to make a lot of customers not only to see and feel the quality of products, more trust us, and choose us. Also brought us a lot of customer resource data, for further analysis of enterprise users, improve product quality and found that the problem is very convenient.

convenient way to Internet users, also good resin tile manufacturers, we make the products rapidly to the consumer directly, without intermediaries earn price difference, consumers can get affordable, our manufacturer collection is fast; At the same time also to broaden the market, consumers more choice. Star hair building materials will unswervingly take the path of the Internet, make resin tile industry network marketing elite brand!
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